Ibiza Counselling offers tailor made packages to Retreat organisers on the island as well as corporate groups and businesses.

It is important when a group of people come together be it for pleasure ie a yoga retreat or for work especially seasonal work, that they are able to form a group alliance successfully thus minimizing conflicts and being able to iron out any difficulties as a group.

With that thought in mind Ibiza Counselling has developed a series of workshops to enable a group to form and work well together.

 “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote is a lesson frequently learned by business owners/managers

Introductory Workshop

3 hours

This is suitable for groups of up to 15 people and is usually done the first time they meet as a group be it the beginning of the season or the beginning of a week long retreat or holiday.

It acts as a way to get to know each other quickly, a forum for people to acknowledge what they are excited about and what they are anxious about, what they can give to the group and what they hope to receive from the group. They then have an opportunity to make a working contract together which may be simple house rules that they all agree to adhere to or can be more complex incorporating various different aspect of your particular company or retreat.

Ongoing Group Work

useful for businesses

This again is suitable for groups up to 15 though 10 is ideal, it is a regular feature in the work schedule fortnightly or once a month it gives the group an opportunity to talk about any issues they are having with each other and the organization to which they work for or are on holiday.

Some issues are resolved with in the group but if it is to do with management then I feedback the issue anonymously and it gives management the opportunity to address them before they snowball and potentially become larger then they need be.

Several companies on the island use this service as it is a way of finding out how the work force is doing with out having to have constant one to ones, which is difficult in high season. Retreats use it as a way of getting feedback form clients who otherwise might not want to give it.

One to One


If you have a group of people who are working for you and you want to minimize absences due to personal issues then this could be ideal for you.

For the duration of the season (May 1st – September 30th) each member can access up to 5 personal conselling sessions with me. These are completely confidential and though you will be informed of the take up numbers you will not be informed by us of which individuals actually access the service.

If additional sessions are required after the initial 5 then they can be paid for at the usual rate.

“This is by far the most effective corporate support service we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Your regular group sessions with our staff are working great. Lots positive changes in staff attitudes. I wished we had found you years ago. Thanks again for the great support and for a great service. “
William Genske, Ibiza Wedding Cabs

What Else? Local knowledge – years of supporting local business working with the flow if the Ibiza seasons

All one to one session take place in my offices in San Lorenzo, or on site with an additional charge for time and travel – group sessions can take place at a venue of your choice.

  • Minimise conflicts
  • Encourage genuine feedback
  • Reduce absences