Ibiza Counselling is the dream of Kate Stillman, long before re-locating to Ibiza she came here and quietly told herself she would love to come back live in the countryside and work with in the counselling field some how.

Some 20 years later the dream became a reality, the van got packed, the dog got a passport and they were off. 2 years later Kate and her husband welcomed their little boy into the world and are now very settled in Ibiza.

Kate’s extensive travels through Europe and Asia coupled with her training and work in Manchester and London over a ten year span has allowed her to build up a very broad spectrum of experiences which she brings to the counselling relationship, fundamental to this is an understanding of cultural diversities and she openly embraces differences that exist in society today. Kate practices Humanistic Therapy, with a particular focus on an existential approach, she is non judgmental, sensitive and open.

In the past Kate has worked on a needle exchange, as a counselor on a business scheme for young entrepreneurs and with people are HIV positive, and more recently has become involved in the world of fertility ad infertility. Kate’s counselling includes helping with relationship problems, anxiety, depression, addiction, bereavement, sexuality, self esteem, drugs, alcohol, confidence and personal growth. She has particular knowledge of the issues surrounding fertility and infertilitymiscarriage, stillbirth and the choice not to have children is a member of BICA (The British Infertility Counselling Association). She also has extensive knowledge and experience of working in the entertainment / music business which is often particularly relevant in Ibiza.

Kate relocated her practice to Ibiza where she continues to work in English with UK based clients over the phone/skype and has built up client base of English speaking people who, like Kate, have made the move to Ibiza. Kate lives and practices in North Ibiza . Surrounded by acres of land and home grown fruit & veg Kate’s practice is a welcoming environment filled tranquility, serenity and calm.

Kate works with individuals and couples, has regular supervision and is a member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) as well as BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association)

Kate is also a qualified Youth Worker and Business Advisor

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